Passion@Work Program

This ground-breaking positive development program leverages the work from Professor Seligman’s PERMA model through the lenses of the research-based Institute of Passion’s 4P framework.
This program will pave the way to success by unleashing leaders and employees’ Passion at work.

What value does the program bring?

The theoretical model of happiness (PERMA) researched by Prof. Seligman teaches and empowers individuals, organizations, schools, and governments to reach a life full of happiness.

This model contains five core tenets of psychological well-being and happiness which will help you develop new emotional and cognitive skills. Through the lenses of the 4P framework, unleash the full Power of Seligman’s model to turn those tenets into winning habits in your career and in your life.

Some key takeaways of this leadership program are:
• Learn to focus on positive emotions
• Become more engaged in your professional and personal activities
• Build positive relationships with all the key players in your personal and professional life
• Find meaning and purpose at work
• Experience a sense of accomplishment by finding goals and ambitions in life and at work

Who benefits from the program?

This leadership program is for managers, aspiring leaders, and senior leaders from corporate and non-corporate organizations, schools, and governments.

What can you expect?

The Passion@Work program runs over 2 days, and can be preceded by a short foundation session and followed by a full-fledged program.

Participants will embrace a space full of experiential learning; tapping into collective wisdom and contextualized insight based on the latest scientific research.
You are invited to explore each of the tenets of the PERMA model through the 4P Framework and its lenses:

  • Know how what you feel impacts you (Heart)
  • Connect with the thoughts running through your mind (Mind)
  • Listen to your body and its messages (Body)
  • Explore the spiritual meaning of your career and your life (Spirit)
  • Be mindful of the impact of what surrounds you at work and in life (Society, Environment)

From a place of curiosity, a desire to grow, and experiencing the taste of becoming better, you will learn how to unleash Passion at work.

What is special about the program?

This as an exclusive leadership program which combines years of research conducted by Prof. Seligman and his peers in the field of Positive Psychology with the Institute of Passion’s 4P Framework.

As this is a 2-day initial program, you will be given the option to bring this impact to the next level with a full-fledged Passion@Work program across your organization.

Participants connect with like-minded peers in their cohorts, which provides opportunities for fruitful networking based on authentic relationships.

Mrs Patricia Soler

Patricia Soler

Program Leader


Sok-ho Trinh

Program author, 4P framework author

PERMA model


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