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Leveraging our 3Ps approach – Passion, Purpose, Positivity (impact) – increase your team’s work satisfaction and drive positive effects while decreasing risk to burnout. Tap into one of our proprietary Passion positive interventions. These include but are not limited to:


percent of leaders/senior managers are passionate about what they do (Source: Source: Deloitte University Press, Oct. 2014)

What we do

– Sustainable change management
– People Engagement
– Leadership development
– Team & organizational development
– People Alignment & Company visions
– Strategy definition

How we do it

– Systemic team and organizational coaching
– Offsite facilitations, well-being interventions, systems coaching, Positive Psychology Interventions, Mindfulness
– Passion and leadership programs: 1 week, 3-12 months waves, long-term programs, continuous leadership development activity
– Company events: seminars (Christmas, summer, yearly all staff, etc.)
– Consultancy (e.g. organizational, alignment/values, creativity & innovation, Lean, People Development, research, strategy recommendation)
– Research: Key Performance indicators definition, benchmarking, engagement/happiness/Passion/GRIT measurements
– Inspirational Talks

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Our headquarter is located in London (UK) and we have offices in Philadelphia (USA), Chamonix (France), and Barcelona (Spain).