Sonia Ruano



Sonia is an individual executive and team coach. She inspires transformation in people and teams, mobilises and empowers them to achieve their goals.

Most of Sonia’s professional career has been developed in international marketing teams in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2013, Sonia faced a serious illness and this experience and personal growth has nurtured her desire to wanting to be very close to people. Sonia accompanies individuals in change and decision making processes, creating a special courageous and deep space to help them discover the path to their best version.

Sonia also facilitates workshops focused on self-awareness and accompanies teams towards high-performance and organisations towards humanising companies. Courage and a strong intuition are two key strengths she contributes when growing people.

Sonia is member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), certified Co-Active and WingWave coach, Gestalt therapist, NLP practitioner and certified mediator.