January 7, 2017 Rabieh

Passionate TED Talks to connect with your own Passions

Great people and knowledgeable leaders have shared a lot of passionate speeches on the stage of the TED Talks. This is our list of the best TED Talks that deal with the Passion topic and help you connect with your Passion.

Ken Robinson – «Do schools kill creativity?»

Sir Ken Robinson gives a fabulous talk on how schools kill passion, and what we can do to overcome it:

Isabel Allende – «Tales of Passion»

Author Isabel Allende talks about Passion – where it comes from, how it impacts, and how to leverage passion to create an almost perfect world.

Angela Lee Duckworth – «Grit: The power of passion and perseverance»

Angela Lee Duckworth has defined the concept of “Grit”. Grit is passion and perseverance of long-term goals. It means sticking to one’s future, day in, day out.

Larry Smith – «Why you will fail to have a great career?»

Professor of Economics, Larry Smith, gives an ironic talk about pursuing one’s passion, and all the reasons why people fail to achieve their passion.

Scott Dinsmore – «How to find work you love»

In his TED talks, Scott Dinsmore gives a framework to identify your passion and take decisions to live aligned with it.

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