Virtual Leadership Development program

Connect with your personal Purpose, Passion, and with Positivity to unleash your full Power.
With this 100% virtual off-the-shelf program, discover the power of your Passionate and Positive Leadership to pave the way to success.

What value does the program bring?

The 4P* Virtual Leadership Development program helps you become a well-rounded passionate and positive leader, mindful of important tenets for successful leadership. This includes the following key takeaways:

• Enhanced self-awareness, authenticity and sense of purpose
• Success learned through the acceptance of failure
• Personal vision and commitment
• Strengthened boldness
• Increased clarity and decisiveness
• Increased social and emotional intelligence
• Enhanced perseverance
• Positive mindset

*4P: Purpose, Passion, Positivity and Power

Who benefits from the program?

The 4P Virtual Leadership Development program focuses on the human facet of leadership. It leverages online and digital technologies to cater to the current reality of managers, and aspiring and seasoned leaders who understand the importance of working with remote peers, team members among other stakeholders. This program fits organizations from all industries.

Participants typically want personal and professional growth and to discover and extend their impact as leaders. They often feel they can bring more to their team and organization than they currently offer and are looking for the next stage on their professional path. Some sense a mismatch between their current role and what they really aspire to.

Managers, team leaders, and aspiring leaders understand the value of working remotely, and are looking for a solution that encompasses the complexity of working with teams from diverse backgrounds and in different locations.

What can you expect?

The 4P framework is at the heart of the 4P Virtual Leadership Development program: we help you identify what the best version of yourself as a leader looks like. You will connect with your personal Purpose and your Passions while creating a Positive space for you to experience your full Power.

The program typically takes place every week or fortnight over 2-3 months. Every session is 2 hours and takes place in a virtual environment. The program kicks off with an overview session, dives into modules on the 4P and ends with a retreat and a debrief session.

Between every session of the program, you will practice specific exercises, apply research-derived techniques and implement changes to craft your own leadership environment.

What is special about the program?

This ground-breaking 4P Virtual Leadership Development program connects participants in a quick, intense format with their 4Ps. Although it takes place in a virtual environment, the program connects you and the other members in a powerful manner; inviting you to a place of introspection and self-development, and delivering tangible outcomes which unleash your full Passionate and Positive leadership potential.

It is a cross-disciplinary approach, and the digital format allows participants to connect from anywhere around the world with the same level of impact as an in-person program.

Participants also benefit from connecting with like-minded peers in their cohorts, which provides an opportunity to build genuine and meaningful quality relationships with other participants and the program leaders.


Martin Louvel

Program leader


Sok-ho Trinh

Program co-author and 4P framework author

Client testimonial

Testimonial from our client

"An exceptional training and personal development experience."

Ruddy Racon, Performance and Innovation project leader, EDF group | President, Association Amicale Energies

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