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How the 4P* program has increased team trust and commitment for the board and executive team of the leading amusement park in Barcelona

* 4P includes Passion, Purpose, Positivity, and Power – key drivers to sustainable purpose-driven leadership and team dynamics.

  • Intervention type: evidence based well being program
  • Delivery: Initial assessment, program design, delivery, measurements, strategic practical recommendations
  • Duration: 2 days over a period of 2 weeks
  • Format: on-site
  • Client: Amusement park.1/2 million annual visitors. a double-digit million Euros turnover


Lack of team commitment and team trust at board level

The company led by CEO Rosa Ortiz sought to address challenges within the senior management team which impact negatively on the team’s and company’s performance. The Institute of Passion with its growing network of multidisciplinary advisors and corporate wellbeing professionals was chosen to deliver a transformational solution.

An initial team assessment showed:

  • That each team member had a tendency to focus on individual performance rather than keeping the global/transversal vision of the team in mind
  • A high level of self-demand and critical attitude provoked by a drive for perfection
  • The level of genuine trust between the team members was average Conflict between the members was unproductive, with some unaddressed underlying conflicts and disagreements
  • The diversity of personalities and ways of thinking posed a potential challenge to team goals
  • Connections and alignment between departments were purely transactional with no space for communication, mutual help, and relationship development


A transformational short program addressing the team‘s challenges underpinned by positive interventions, and data science

Institute of Passion proposed a proprietary framework composed of evidence based interventions focused on the scientific concepts of Purpose (in life, at work, calling), Passion (Harmonious, Obsessive, Grit), Positivity (well-being, happiness at work, engagement), and Power (Positive Leadership).

Rabieh Adib

Rabieh Adib

Program co-leader


Sok-ho Trinh

Program co-leader

The overall work conducted followed the steps as illustrated below:

  1. Individual anonymous questionnaires and data collection followed by a face to face assessment using systemic field interviewing techniques to unfold hidden information and focus the intervention on the team’s primary challenges.
  2. Positive intervention program designed based on initial insight, leveraging the proprietary 4P framework which involves various scientific disciplines, including mindfulness, somatic psychology, positive psychology, coaching, leadership development, as well as stage performance techniques, among others.
  3. Mindfulness techniques to have the exec team members fully present. To build real trust, a safe space was created to allow the team to open up without fear. A series of systemic development techniques was used for real challenges (e.g. silo thinking) to emerge. By using systemic and neuroscience derived techniques, we allowed the team to address real concerns and challenges, and agree on commitments and SMART actions to put substantial changes into practice. To allow for new awareness to translate into better collaboration, we closed the day with positive psychology techniques such as the concept of gratitude among others.
  4. To assess the team’s situation, the Five dysfunction of a team model (Lencioni, 2002) was leveraged. It measures the five key dimensions of a team’s dysfunction: lack of trust, lack of conflict, lack of commitment, lack of accountability, lack of results. For Tibidabo, trust was the most critical area to tackle followed by commitment.
  5. Based on the insight and data, a series of practical recommendations were made to ensure that the executive team yields the highest and most sustainable impact in terms of trust and commitment.


Increase by 17% in trust and 14% in commitment with a Net Promoter Score of 100%

The impact of the intervention was immediate and perceivable by all participants. The intervention showed a considerable improvement both in team trust (+17%) and commitment (+14%). It helped create a trustful environment where vulnerability and openness are allowed and encouraged. To sustain and increase this progress, the executive team agreed on a series of commitments and best practices for the ongoing team work.

"Congrats to the leaders! One is great, the other even more, and together you are incredible."

Rosa Ortiz Gimeno, CEO.
"The whole intervention has been an exceptional experience. Especially the vulnerability exercise."

Joan Manel Esquius, Head of maintenance.
"The facilitation was exceptional and exquisite. It has been key to get impressive results."

Vicky Álvarez, HR Director.
"They are excellent. Passionate. Respectful. Intuitive. We have had previous consultants, but this (team) has been the best."

Noemí Bellmonte Pascual, Marketing and Customer Support Director.

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