High Performing Teams program

Unleash the full Power of your team by connecting each member with a shared Purpose, Passion, and Positivity.
This bespoke program transforms your team through high purpose-driven performance and leadership efficiency.

What value does the program bring?

The 4P* for High Performing Teams program generates a high and tangible Return on Investment and Return on Emotions measured in terms of organizational, individual, and business indicators. The team and team members understand and connect with their sense of being a tribe: learning why they are part of the team and increasing their desire to participate fully and effectively within the team.

Step by step, the program unleashes the knowledge and self-awareness needed for the team and each member to perform at their best. This grows from a place of authenticity, both individually and as participants interact with each other.

Some key takeaways of the program are:
• Development of trusting professional relationships
• Strengthened team awareness and shared purpose towards common goals
• Tension and conflicts addressed and resolved
• Creation of sustainable commitment within the team and mutual accountability
• Challenges and changes faced positively by empowered teams

*4P: Purpose, Passion, Positivity and Power

Who is the program for?

This program is for organizations and institutions facing a shift in culture, a change of organizational and operational model, or experiencing conflicts affecting organization and business priorities. The 4P for High Performing Teams program leverages the power of social and behavioral science in addressing the needs of your employee’s, peer’s, and customer’s happiness.

Regardless of the team’s position on a board, an executive, or an intermediate management level, a focus on people and relationships should be a clear element of the company or team culture. Challenges and inefficiencies are part of relationships. The 4P for High Performing Teams program addresses these challenges in a practical way, adapted to each teams’ circumstances and stage of development.

Often business decision makers reach out to us seeking a solution to solve conflicts, increase engagement and motivation, and improve performance.

What can you expect?

The backbone of the 4P for High Performing Teams program contains four phases:

  1. Assess and measure the team’s current situation and challenges
  2. Design appropriate focus areas, deliverables, and Key Performance Indicators
  3. Deliver the program
  4. Measure the impact after every stage of the program.

As team dynamics are organic, complex, and based on our measurements, we adjust the program design to cater to the many realities of each unique team. The duration and format of the program depends on the starting point and the vision you wish to embrace. We provide short intense programs that last several months and longer-term programs that target full-fledged organizational development.

To achieve the High Performing Team, the program is typically composed of full, or several days long retreats, real-time shadowing, virtual interventions, team training sessions, and individual leadership consulting. A core piece of the program is our Passion Analytics powered by our people analytics tools. This measures team performance and the program’s impact at the start and at each phase to ensure the unique needs of each team are continuously addressed.

What is unique about this program?

No two teams are alike. Hence, every team needs unique support and solutions to achieve high purpose-driven performance. We assess each team individually, based on the results of the bespoke integrated program. The 4P for High Performing Teams program utilizes appropriate disciplines (e.g. systemic facilitation, leadership development, team coaching, positive and social psychology, organizational behaviour, applied neuroscience, and business consulting) to achieve sustainable, measurable, and positive changes. Our goal is to help you become confidently self-sufficient in the attainment of high performing teams.

Rabieh Adib

Rabieh Adib

Program leader


Sok-ho Trinh

Program co-author and 4P framework author

Client success story

Testimonials from our clients

"Congrats to the leaders! One is great, the other even more, and together you are incredible."

Rosa Ortiz Gimeno, CEO. Tibidabo
"The whole intervention has been an exceptional experience. Especially the vulnerability exercise."

Joan Manel Esquius, Head of maintenance. Tibidabo
"The facilitation was exceptional and exquisite. It has been key to get impressive results."

Vicky Álvarez, HR Director. Tibidabo
"They are excellent. Passionate. Respectful. Intuitive. Just a great team. Thanks for your implication. We have had previous consultants, but this (team) has been the best."

Noemí Bellmonte Pascual, Marketing and Customer Support Director. Tibidabo

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