Confident Communication for Leaders program

Connect with your personal Purpose, Passion, and Positivity, and unleash your full Power.
With this off-the-shelf program, you develop the self-knowledge and self-awareness as a leader to purposefully impact people.

What value does the program bring?

We create a non-judgmental space in a group setting for people to explore what it means to connect with their feelings whilst expressing themselves in words. We have participants go through an experience where they learn about their emotional blocks to communication and how to move past them. Rather than give advice, we empower participants to see for themselves the shift that needs to happen to become comfortable, confident, passionate, purposeful, and impactful communicators.

Some key takeaways of the program are:
• Connect with own Passion & Purpose in life
• Improve each participant’s view of themselves
• Utilize the impact of body and voice
• Build confidence and fight fear in public
• Develop social, emotional, and cognitive intelligence
• Learn assertiveness
• Work past saboteur voices and limiting beliefs
• Develop public speaking skills

Who benefits from the program?

The 4P Virtual Leadership Development program is not just for the savvy techie, it actually focuses on the human facet of leadership.
It offers a practical and actionable approach, perfectly catered to the current reality of managers, and aspiring and seasoned leaders in organizations from all industries.

What can you expect?

The 4P framework is at the heart of the 4P Confident Communication for Leaders program: we help you identify what the best version of yourself as a leader looks like and how it connects with your personal Purpose and Passions.

The 4P for Confident Communication for Leaders program comprises 7 phases:

  1. A foundation phase: where you become acquainted with the key concepts
  2. Purpose: an intentional step to becoming purposeful in life and at work
  3. Passion: connecting with your Passions and utilizing this as a driving force to move forward, excel, and become successful
  4. Positivity: looking into positive intentional or unintentional impact; tapping into positive traits and driving positive emotions
  5. Power: connecting with your inner leader
  6. BIAT Bring It All Together: where all learning is brought into one place
  7. Retreat: a gift to yourself and the group where you expand your reach and become the best version of yourself

Each group’s dynamics are organic and complex. Based on group measurements, we work with what is present in the room, tapping into this collective wisdom and trusting the power of the art and science behind successful communications.

The duration of the program spans 1 half or 1 full day for the foundation phase, plus 5 full days for each subsequent session, and 1 full day for the retreat. Frequency is customized to the unique dynamics of each group.

What is special about the program?

Unlike most programs which look at creating great communicators, this is a research-based program, underpinned by the art and the science behind successful communication. It will unleash confidence and your full potential.


Valentina Passoni

Program leader


Sok-ho Trinh

Program co-author and 4P framework author

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