January 7, 2017 Rabieh

Finding your Element: Ken Robinson’s books to connect with your Passion and Purpose

Ken Robinson's books The Element and Finding your Element connect you with your Passion and Purpose.

Sir Ken Robinson’s speech Do schools kill creativity? is by far the most viewed TED Talk, with 42 million views at the date this post is published. However, Robinson is not only a brilliant speaker, but an exceptional writer as well. He has written two books that will help you identify and connect with your own Passion and Purpose: The Element: How finding your Passion changes everything and Finding your Element.

In The Element Robinson digs into the biography of a series of famous and successful people. Each of the protagonists has gone through a challenging time until they had their aha-moment and found what they were profoundly passionate about. They found their element, the “place where the things you love to do and the things you are good at come together”.

Finding the Element is the practical how-to guide Robinson has written some years after The Element. The subsequent book walks you through a series of questions to actually find your own element. It gives guides and exercises that explain how to find one’s talents and passions, how to match both, how to make a living from it, and how to help kids find their Element.

The Element is about discovering yourself, which you cannot do if you’re trapped in a compulsion to conform. You can’t be yourself in a swarm.Ken Robinson

In his typical humorous British way, Robinson’s books give you a great perspective on the impact of finding your Passion, and how to track down what your Passions are. If you want to have a first impression, listen to this interview with Ken Robinson. It’s definitely a recommendable read to get a sense of and connect with your Passions.

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