Passionate Leadership Summit

Ignite your team’s passions and leadership to boost engagement, performance and retention

Friday 15th June 2018, 15:30 to 20:30
Wayra, 20 Air St, Soho, London W1B 5AN

This ½ day afternoon Leadership Summit provides you with the unique opportunity to hear the latest research and best practice from academia and the business world so you can transform your workplace and teams intentionally. This programme will evolve your leadership giving you the tools to inspire and engage. Join us to take the practical actions necessary to grow healthy, passionate businesses with improved productivity results.

Key benefits

  • Learn to lead with passion and how knowing your passion changes everything
  • Explore strategies for higher employee engagement and retention
  • Develop tools for sustainable business growth & improved quality of work outcomes
  • Network with experts and other passionate business leaders

Who should attend?

Executives, corporate managers and leaders, entrepreneurs, leadership professionals, creatives, HR, SME directors and managers, and business coaches

Key reasons to attend

  • Discover the characteristics that make a great leader, with researched examples and case-studies to gain lessons learned
  • Listen to a panel of business and academic experts sharing the secrets to new forms of leadership that contribute to sustainable success and growth
  • Examine how passionate leadership leads to improved meaning and value in life and greater work life balance
  • Interact and network with leaders over a glass during networking breaks to make those meaningful new connections and ask vital questions
  • Gain knowledge in the full power of the research-based 4P framework to drive organizations to higher employees’ engagement, stronger performance, and better leadership
  • Delve into successful leaders’ brains and minds to really understand what makes the best version of self and leaders
  • Join in the debate and discussion with panels of speakers from a wide variety of business and well-being fields to learn how to measure and analyse performance so you can create the needed practical and actionable decisions to grow your business and improve workplaces


15:30 – 16:30 : Registration and coffee & tea

16:30 – 16:40 : Opening message and agenda

Mr Rabieh Adib (Co-founder & Deputy CEO, Institute of Passion)

“Passion is a driver of engagement, better performance, well-being at work and positive leadership. The Passionate Leadership summit explores this new form of leadership”.

16:40 – 16:55 : What makes a great leader?

Chair of the summit: Prof. Randall Peterson (Prof. Org Behavior/Academic Director)

“What are the characteristics that make a great leader? Prof Randall Peterson will share findings from research and examples from successful practitioners”.

16:55 – 17:25 : Panel on the Future of Leadership

Prof. Randall Peterson (Prof. Org Behavior/Academic Director)
Mrs Tamara Littleton (CEO, The Social Element)
Mr Gary Stewart (Director Waya UK, Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship)
Mr Sok-ho Trinh (Co-founder & CEO, Institute of Passion)
Mr Faisal Khan (Prof. Martin Seligman’s assistant instructor at MAPP, University of Pennsylvania)

While the world is coping with more Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity – VUCA, organizations are looking for new forms of leadership which can pave the way to sustainable growth and to success”.

17:25 – 17:40 : Calling: purpose and passion at work

Dr Rona Hart (MAPP program leader, senior lecturer, University of East London)

“When an employee does not consider a work to be work anymore, but feels called into a bigger purpose, and feels passionate at work, this may be a calling”.

17:40 – 17:55: Networking break & Passion corner

Mrs Valentina Passoni (Confident Communication for Leaders Program leader)
Mr Martin Louvel (Virtual Leadership Development Program Leader)
Mr Rabieh Adib (High Performing Teams Program Leader)
Mrs Patricia Soler (Passion & Happiness Program Leader)

“During the break, make the most of the summit, networking with senior leaders, experts of all fields and scholars. You can also stop by the Passion corner to understand the full power of the research-based 4P framework to drive organizations to higher employees’ engagement, stronger performance, and better leadership”.

17:55 – 18:25: Panel on well-being analytics

Prof. Jose Curto (Professor Data Science, Member of Advisory Board)
Dr Nadine Mendelek (Executive Coach and IFS Certified Practitioner)
Prof. Randall Peterson (Prof. Org Behavior/Academic Director)
Mrs Wendy Christie (Chief of People, The Social Element)
Mr David Bellamy (Founder and CEO, Happiness Lab)

“Return on Investment is critical for every organizations. Particularly when they need to justify significant investments on their main asset: People. Human Capital Performance can be measured, analyzed and turned into very practical and actionable strategic decisions”.

18:25 – 18:40: Connecting the leader’s brain, with the body, and the mind

Dr Nadine Mendelek (Executive Coach and IFS Certified Practitioner)

“Oxford graduate and Princeton visiting fellow Dr Mendelek will invite us to connect with the best version of our inner leaders”.

18:40 – 18:55: On Passionate Leadership

Mr Sok-ho Trinh (Co-founder & CEO, Institute of Passion)

Passionate Leadership is a form of Leadership which embraces emotions (Bruce Rosengarten, 2010), meaning and values (Aubrey Malphurs, 2006), leading to a work-life balance (Goldsmith, 2008) and connected to success (Bruce Rosengarten, 2010)”.

18:55 – 19:10: Healthy Gut Happy Brain

Mrs Serenade Norman (Clinical specialist physiotherapist and an earth citizen leader)

“When you have to make a very important decision, train and retrain your brain to deal with pain and with other complex physical conditions, looking more closely at the connection between the gut and the brain”.

19:10 – 19:40: Passion and positive vibes

Special International VIP Guest

“Try something completely different. A moment to unleash your passion and to embrace a unique censorial, cognitive and behavioral experience“.

19:40 – 19:55: Closing words

Chair of the summit: Prof. Randall Peterson (Prof. Org Behavior/Academic Director)

Mr Sok-ho Trinh (Co-founder & CEO, Institute of Passion)

19:55 – 20:30: Networking drinks & poster presentations


Speakers and VIP guests


Randall S. Peterson

Professor of the Leadership Institute / London Business School | UK


Tamara Littleton

CEO, The Social Element, Polpeo | UK


Gary Stewart

MD UK, Wayra (Telefonica Group) | UK


Dr Nadine Mendelek

Professional Executive Coach and IFS Certified Practitioner | LEBANON/FRANCE


Jose Curto

Professor of Big Data, Academic Director, IE Business School, Open University of Catalunya | UK

Wendy- Christie-800x600

Wendy Christie

Chief People Officer, The Social Element and Emoderation | UK


Patricia Soler

Biologist, Chief Commercial Officer, Institute of Passion | BELGIUM


Faisal Khan

Dr M. Seligman's assistant instructor - MAPP, University of Pennsylvania | USA

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