Connect with the experience of the world’s first Festival of Passion and stay tuned for details on the next edition in 2019!

The Festival of Passion Conference and Leadership Summit provides a unique opportunity to ignite and improve your well-being, as well as those around you. Passion and happiness ensure great productivity, retention and resilience at work and inspiration and joy in life.

The value in the Passion Conference and Leadership Summit comes from the scientifically researched evidence that passion and happiness infused work and learning places deliver better engagement, loyalty and outcomes.

To celebrate the scientific concept of passion, underpinned by the science of happiness, the Festival of Passion brings together the best from different passion related worlds: This includes scholars, researchers, practitioners, artists, passionate start up entrepreneurs and corporate senior leaders, among other passionate individuals.

Passion is a “Strong inclination toward an activity that people like, that they find important, and in which they invest time and energy”

Psychology of Well-Being, Vallerand, 2012

The Festival of Passion has two key events:

1. Passion and Happiness Conference

From 8:30 to 13:30
Museum of Happiness
Arlington House, 220 Arlington Rd, London NW1 7HE

Unlock your passions and live a life of happiness and fulfilment!

Who should attend?

  • Individuals looking to explore their passions and improve well-being
  • Coaches, psychologists and health and wellness professionals
  • Students, teachers and social and community groups


Key benefits:

  • Be inspired by exploring your passions
  • Develop tools to integrate passion and happiness into your daily practice
  • Build resilience in dealing with challenges and setbacks
  • Connect with scholars, thought leaders and like-minded passionate individuals



Museum of Happiness, Arlington House, 220 Arlington Rd, London NW1 7HE

Price per delegate from £12-£29

The Program

2. Passionate Leadership Summit

From 15:30 to 20:30
20 Air St, Soho, London W1B 5AN

Ignite your team’s passions and leadership to boost engagement, performance and retention

Who should attend?

  • Corporate & SME management, HR and team leaders
  • Entrepreneurs & business owners
  • Coaches, psychologists and leadership experts


Key benefits

  • Learn to lead with passion and how knowing your passion changes everything
  • Explore strategies for higher employee engagement and retention
  • Develop tools for sustainable business growth & improved quality of work outcomes
  • Network with experts and other passionate business leaders



Wayra, 20 Air St, Soho, London W1B 5AN

Price per delegate from £109-£189

The Program

Welcome from The Festival of Passion team

The first, groundbreaking Festival of Passion Conference and Leadership Summit from the team at the Institute of Passion took place on the  15th of June 2018 in London, UK.

Stay tuned for more editions and Passion events to come! We are looking forward to see and unleash your Passion for the world to thrive sustainably.


Paul Sipasseuth

Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer


Patricia Soler

Chief Commercial Officer

Rabieh Adib

Rabieh Adib

Co-founder & Deputy CEO

They are excellent. Passionate. Respectful. Intuitive. Just a great team.

We have worked with others before, but these are the best.

Noemi Bellmonte, Marketing Director, Tibidabo, Barcelona

Why passion is important - a call to action:

Overall satisfaction with health, including mental health in the UK, is on the decline. Only 1 out of 2 persons said they were mostly or completely satisfied with their health, according to wellbeing figures from the most recent data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).  One out of 5 participants said they had experienced anxiety or depression (+7% compared to the year before). With these latest statistics, what is the solution when it comes to change in our wellbeing at work and in our lifestyles?

Passion is one answer. Passion leads to well-being and happiness. According to academic research, engaging in “happiness-relevant activities” represents one way to facilitate psychological well-being (Lyubomirsky et al. 2005).  So if passion leads to a happier and healthier workplace, why are we not tapping more into our passions? A Department for Work and Pensions survey on well-being finds that action isn’t greatly occurring: “The challenge going forward will be to transfer the well-being practices that are happening widely in public sector organisations to small, medium-sized and large enterprises.”

It’s time to take action! Join us at the Festival of Passion Conference and Leadership Summit to ignite the power of passion and do something about yours and your environments wellbeing!!

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