Festival rescheduled

At the Institute of Passion, we are committed to walk our talk. At 2 weeks before the event, we realise that the current setting would not live up to our expectations.

So with a pinch in our hearts, we have decided to postpone the second global edition of the Festival of Passion, to re-imagine it, for everyone to enjoy the quality experience that we aim for.

We are extremely grateful that to all of you who agreed to be a part of this international event, as speaker, as attendee, as the Festival’s team. We hope to be able to count on you once the new date and the new setting are decided.

What to expect

  • A day filled with passionate speakers, powerful interventions and positivity
  • Inspiration through exploration of your passions
  • Practical tools to integrate passion and happiness into your daily life and practice
  • Build resilience in dealing with challenges and setbacks
  • Connect with scholars, thought leaders and like-minded passionate individuals
  • Refreshments and a lunch will be included

Programme of the day

Morning sessions:

8:30am – 9:30am:

  • Registration and arrival

9.30am – 12:30pm:

  • Welcome and Agenda
  • Wellbeing in the world: A wake-up call
  • Connecting your body and mind
  • In the search for meaning
  • Passion and wellbeing: perspective for the 21st century
  • Passion Talk series

12:30pm – 2pm:

  • Scientific poster presentation, lunch and networking.

Afternoon sessions:

2pm – 5pm:

  • Why happiness at work matters?
  • Living a mindful life
  • Wellbeing through performing Arts
  • On Neuroleadership: Successful Brain
  • Positive Leadership: perspective for a better world
  • Awards and photos

5pm: Closing

There will be opportunity to network at a separate venue locally after closing, all attendees welcome.

"Thank you for organising an incredible event – I was very impressed. I particularly liked the wide mix of speakers. Excellent. I’ve organised and attended many events, and this was certainly a good one!


Shamash Alidina

Discover the speakers and photos of the 2018 edition

Who should attend?

  • Individuals looking to explore their passions and improve well-being
  • Coaches, psychologists and health and wellness professionals
  • Students, teachers and social and community groups
  • Business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs

What do you need to attend?

  • Bring your passion with you or ready to unlock your passion!
  • Ready to be changed forever
  • Open to be inspired
  • Bring your friends who you want to share your passion with