Serenade Norman

Clinical specialist physiotherapist and an earth citizen leader

Serenade is a clinical specialist physiotherapist and an earth citizen leader.

In her work as a clinical specialist physiotherapist, Serenade has studied graded motor imagery which is all about training and retraining the brain to deal with pain and with other complex physical conditions. Through her study of this, it has brought Serenade to look more closely at the connection between the gut and brain. This has led her to look into the revolutionary self-healing technique created by Ilchi Lee which is Belly Button Healing.

She is also very active in the earth citizen movement which creates citizens working together as a community, beyond all differences and separations, to create a healthier, safer, and more sustainable world. Serenade has passion for the health and happiness of people and life forms. She actively contributes to education and empowerment through initiatives that will benefit humanity and earth.