Dr Rona Hart

Researcher, Trainer, Group-Counselor in Positive Psychology, Senior Lecturer MAPPCP

Dr Rona Hart BA MA MSc GC-PGDip PhD began her academic career as a Social Psychology researcher in Education, and completed her PhD at King’s College London.

She also has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Group Counseling and recently completed the Msc in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) programme at UEL.

Her PhD explored the experience of immigrant families as they engaged with London schools, and she was particularly interested in the coping mechanisms that immigrant families employ to overcome the hurdles of international migration and the challenges of adapting to a new culture, and raising children in a cross cultural environment.

She began to engage with Positive Psychology research and apply its interventions during her PhD, when she developed and delivered a cross-cultural psycho-educational programme for overseas students. The programme drew from her dissertation, and was designed to ease participants’ cross-cultural adaptation process, lessen transition shock and culture shock symptoms, increase wellbeing, and promote their socio-cultural integration.

In her subsequent jobs she developed and delivered two additional cross-cultural psycho-educational courses which incorporated Positive Psychology interventions: the Crossing Cultures Effectively relocation and cross-cultural expatriate training programme, and the Global Leadership executive training programme.

Over the years she has developed expertise in cross-cultural moves, mindfulness, goal-setting, and the psychology of change, in particular coping and resilience, and has been teaching these topics both in higher education as well as in other organisational settings and has published several books and papers on these topics.