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Tom Goldstein

MEng (Hons), MSc Psychology Applicant, Sustainable Leadership Cert., Forest School Leader







As a certified professional coach (CTI), Forest School Leader and Engineer, and with a background in business, global leadership and meditation, Tom brings a rare mix of business, spiritual insight and an undying enthusiasm for life. His passions include adventure, physical activity, personal growth and a connection to people, places and nature.

Tom’s sense of honesty, authenticity and challenge, means he rarely takes the conventional path. His keen eye for business, technology and opportunity meant that after graduating from the University of Bristol with a Masters in Engineering, Tom rapidly progressed through a career with multiple start-ups and multinational corporations. Over time, he has developed expertise in business strategy, technical consulting, sales and corporate leadership.

After making a substantial career change, and training as a professional coach, Tom now balances his coaching business with his love of sports, nature, people and learning. He has gone back to University to study Psychology and has a keen interest in Sustainable Development. At the same time, Tom is building a program to help kids flourish through positive psychology and connection with nature.

To stay healthy in both mind and body, Tom enjoys spending time in nature and wilderness. As a qualified sailing instructor, ski instructor, forest school leader, paraglider, pilot and a keen hiker, climber, surfer and cyclist, he can often be found exploring the forests, mountains, skies and oceans, both near and far. His interest in personal growth has also led him down the path of spiritual awareness, and Tom regularly takes time out for meditation retreats. After growing up in London, England, he lived in various places in the UK, France and the US. Tom is now based out of Chamonix in the French Alps.