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Tia Moin


Business Psychology




Positive Psychology


Tia is a Business Psychologist who over the past 15 years has worked as a Consultant in a range of fields including Psychometric Assessment, Career Development, Emotional Intelligence and Corporate Wellbeing.

She is passionate about helping individuals to identify and nurture their strengths and talents in order to fulfil their life’s purpose and ambitions and has extensive experience in the field of personality, ability and values assessment. Tia strongly believes that every individual can reach their potential with self-insight, courage and support and as such, is embarking on a Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology so that she can coach individuals to do just that.

Tia’s core values in life include being true to yourself by embracing life’s opportunities as well as understanding the lessons in adversity; values that have seen her taking risks, embracing change and overcoming tremendous challenges in her own life. In addition to her own dual nationalities as British and Australian with origins from Bangladesh, her 4 year old son was born in Australia, is quarter Welsh, quarter Scottish and half Bengali. Therefore, diversity is and has always been of key importance to her. Tia went from being a career-woman, to a working wife and mother, to a sole-parent and so understands deeply the struggle in balancing career and family and in maintaining a personal and professional identity after a period of parental leave. This fuels Tia’s passion and interest in supporting and empowering women at work in addition to supporting diversity and inclusion.

In her own commitment to remain true to herself, Tia makes it a priority to carve out time to stimulate her own intellectual, creative and spiritual curiosity, to pursue her passion of playing the guitar and to stay fit by attempting to master the art of Pilates and the ‘7-minute Workout Challenge’. She also relishes time with her son who reminds her to enjoy the simple things in life, like watching a spider crawl up a wall and making a ‘Crocodile 5000 car’ out of Lego.

She lives by her motto; ‘Your thoughts determine your Destiny’.