Rabieh Adib




Leadership Development


Co-founder and Deputy CEO, Rabieh has a strong passion for helping people, teams and organizations unlock their full potential.

He dedicated his entire career to pursue his love for connecting people. Having meaningful conversations and creating authentic connections is like oxygen to him.

People were the reason why Rabieh started his professional career as a journalist. After that, he spent 11 years in the tech world and co-created a small start-up that developed into one of the biggest European Internet businesses. When he decided to re-focus his life exclusively on developing people, he built his own coaching practice and co-founded a TED-like public speaking event.

Rabieh has a Master in Political Science, is specialized in International Politics, and is certified as Professional Co-Active® coach and is fully trained in ORSC® Systemic and Relationship Coaching.

Born in Germany, son of a Belgian mother and a Lebanese father, married to a Spaniard with three Catalan siblings, he considers himself, first and foremost, a human being.

Rabieh’s motto in life is: “Connecting people”