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Abdoulaye Senoussi

MSc, BSc



Abdoulaye is a Co-founder and Passion Ambassador.
He holds a University Diploma of Technology in Logistics and Transport, a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management, and Master Degree of Science in Management of Production.

Working at Institute of Passion allows Abdoulaye to guide his life choices and support his passion. He wishes to be able to share this initiative in Africa and give everyone an opportunity to unleash their passion through the work provided by the Institute.

He has various experiences, both working for multinationals companies such as Air France, Sage, and Engie, and in the public sector within the Department of the Prime Minister of the French government in Matignon.

Fueled by his entrepreneurial motivations, Abdoulaye is the founder and the first acting President of CERCLE MAE, which is a global network of Alumni and current students of the Master’s degrees in purchasing and supply chain at the French University of Evry Val d’Essonne.

Since September 2016, Abdoulaye stepped down as an acting President and remained an Honorary President. Subsequently, he has launched his own company called WEDECIDER, which focuses on strategy and operations and also joined the Institute of Passion as Head of operations.

His motto in life is: Dare your passion!