The Institute

Genesis of the Institute

“I remember when my mother described her tragic experience as a survivor of the Cambodian genocide in the 70’s. Once she paused, looked at me in the eyes, and said: son, I was determined to live and bring the entire family alive to a safe land and start a new life. She believed she could, so she did…
She escaped the Khmer Rouge, and brought the entire family to the Western world where I was born shortly after. What I saw in her was a Passion for Life and a genuine sense of a purpose and meaning for that next life which she was longing for. Without a doubt, she unconsciously transferred to me that Passion for Life and this tenacity. This brought me to live a Life with many Passions which I have never given up: singing for more than 20 years, travelling in over 50 countries, travel and ethnic portrait photography for more than 15 years, as well as a perseverance in the corporate world which brought me to several leadership roles in multinational companies. I have persistently told myself and people around me: Live your Life with Passion, and so I did and will do so…” – Sok-ho Trinh: passionologist, CEO & co-founder of the Institute of Passion.

Our mission: We want to unleash Passion in People and organizations for the World to thrive sustainably.

What is our vision for the future?

By 2030, 1 billion people in the World will unleash their Passions for themselves and for others.

What core values do we share?

Authenticity | Freedom | Respect | Fulfilment | Passion

The Team


Sok-ho Trinh

Co-founder and CEO

Growing people | Singing | Photography


Lori Shook

Co-founder and applied neuroscience practice leader

Coaching | Good food | Good wine


Martin Louvel

Program Leader & Passion Ambassador

Growing People | Entrepreneuship | Sustainability


Ancuta Alupoaei

Passion Ambassador

Nature | Travelling | Marketing


Patricia Soler

Chief Commercial Officer

My family | Creating | Transmitting


Tia Moin

Passion Ambassador

My family | Playing guitar | Psychology


Saad Ahmad

Growth Lead & Passion Ambassador

Entrepreneurship | Travel | Cooking


Abdoulaye Senoussi

Co-founder & Passion Ambassador

Learning | Entrepreneurship | Family spirit

Rabieh Adib

Rabieh Adib

Co-founder and Deputy CEO

Growing people | My family | Learning


Valentina Passoni

Program Leader & Passion Ambassador

Empowering people | Music | Coaching


Faisal Khan


Growing people | Fulfilling lives | Teaching


Paul Sipasseuth

Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Sharing | Creativity | Disruptive technology


Tom Goldstein


Nature | Psychology | Well-being

Board of strategic and scientific advisors

Honorary members

Dr Itai Ivtzan | Positive psychologist, senior lecturer, program leader of MAPP, honorary senior research associate | PhD

Dr Itai Ivtzan is passionate about the combination of psychology and spirituality. It makes his heart sing. He is convinced that if we befriend both psychology and spirituality, and succeed in introducing them into our lives, we will all become super-heroes, and gain super-strengths of awareness, courage, resilience, and compassion. Isn’t this an amazing prospect?

Dr. Itai Ivtzan is a positive psychologist, senior lecturer, and program leader of MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) at the University of East London (UEL). He is also an honorary senior research associate at University College London (UCL). Over the past 15 years, Dr. Ivtzan has run seminars, lectures, workshops and retreats in the UK and around the world, at various educational institutions and at private events. He is a regular keynote speaker at conferences. He published several books, as well as many journal papers and book chapters. His main areas of research are positive psychology, mindfulness, and spirituality. Dr. Ivtzan is confident that mindfulness meditation has the power to change individuals – in fact, whole societies – for the better. Accordingly, he has been investing much time in studying mindfulness academically, writing books about it, teaching it, and training mindfulness teachers. He is the author/co-author of:

– Awareness is Freedom: The Adventure of Psychology and Spirituality
– Mindfulness in Positive Psychology: The Science of Meditation and Wellbeing
– Second Wave Positive Psychology: Embracing the Dark Side of Life
– Applied Positive Psychology: Integrated Positive Practice

If you wish to get additional information about his work or contact him, please visit

Randall S. Peterson | Professor & Director of the Leadership Institute / London Business School, social scientist, scholar and leadership researcher | BSc, MEd, PhD

Dr. Randall S. Peterson is Professor or Organisational Behaviour and Academic Director of the Leadership Institute at London Business School (see: He is a highly-experienced researcher, teacher and consultant. His expertise is in all aspects of organisational behaviour and he is an internationally-recognised authority on developing high-performance and multinational teams, board effectiveness, conflict resolution, leadership assessment, leader personality, and developing interpersonal skills.

Randall obtained his PhD at the University of California, Berkeley in social psychology. He teaches the leadership week on both the flagship Senior Executive and Accelerated Development Programmes, as well as for the leadership degree programmes. Randall has also worked with a wide range of executives and leading organisations worldwide, ranging from consulting, to banking, energy, and retail.

Randall is also a regular contributor to a wide range of academic journals, book publications, industry outlets and conferences. His research has featured in outlets ranging from the academic, Journal of Applied Psychology to the applied, HR Magazine and Harvard Business Review.

His motto in life is: “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” (Nelson Mandela).

Dr Pascal Lefebvre | Clinical psychologist & psychotherapist, org. behaviour scientist, prof. in management and HR | PhD, MPhil, MSc

Dr Pascal Lefebvre is a chartered clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. He is an organisational behaviour scientist and a professor in management and human resources.

Over the past 30 years Dr Lefebvre has changed the lives of thousands of individuals and organizations, putting people at the centre of everything he does.

As a clinical psychologist, a psychotherapist for adults and for children, Dr Lefebvre had the opportunity  to explore the mind of children, teenagers and adults and train professional social carers.

As an organisational behaviour scientist, Dr Lefebvre advised global corporations in numerous countries, leading them to the road of success.

As the founder and program leader of the international management Master in Science and a professor at the University of Evry in France, Dr Lefebvre created a successful program that placed humanistic values at the heart of its studies.
What makes him passionate is to see other people fulfilled in their lives.
His passions also include the future of his grandchildren and previous students, travelling in Harley Davidson, in 4X4, in train or by foot. He is also passionate about discovering new cultures, History, Genealogy and Blues music.

Nathalie Lorrain | Member of the Scientific Council of Intercultural management, Professor, CEO | MSc, Cert. Demographics, Cert. Social Legislation

With a strong passion for people, Nathalie became a global expert in Cultures. Having lived and worked as an expatriate in central Europe and Russia, Nathalie co-founded Itineraire Interculturel, the very first consulting firm specialized in the science of intercultural issues.

She currently works with 40% of the French listed companies.

Nathalie was the President of SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research) Europa in 2005, General secretary of SIETAR France for 8 years, Vice President of the FIAFE, the International Federation of French Center for the French and francophones abroad for 9 years, professor at ESSEC, École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, and the French University of Evry Val d’Essone. In her spare time she enjoys writing and is the author of numerous books.


Subject Matter Experts

Dr Aidan Kelly | Programme Leader, Senior Lecturer | PhD

Aidan Kelly is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Royal Docks Business School, University of East London. He is currently Programme Leader of the BA Business Management (Marketing) and teaches a range of subjects including marketing communications, research methods, digital marketing and brand management, he also supervises student dissertations at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. His research interests are in the areas of branding, advertising theory and consumer culture research and his research has been published in international journals, edited volumes and international conferences, predominantly in the marketing and advertising area. His main passion outside of academia is music and he is an avid collector of vinyl records, particularly in genre of electronic music. He also enjoys reading, travelling, attending live music events and experiencing life in the Borough of Tower Hamlets in East London where he currently lives. He was born in Dublin, Ireland and is married to a Taiwanese national and spends some of his time traveling between both Ireland and Taiwan. He feels that passion is an underexplored concept in business theory and practice and is relishing the opportunity to reach out to and engage with like-minded, creative individuals who share this mind-set.

Josep Curto | Consultant, research analyst, entrepreneur and professor | BSc (Hons), MSc (Hons), MBA, PhD applicant

Josep is a consultant, research analyst, entrepreneur and professor who has helped many companies to create competitive advantages based on data. He believes that the combination of data, models, technology and experience is the ultimate combination to crack everyone’s passion and purpose.

His expertise comprises data technologies, methodologies and strategies and how they can be applied to solve business problems, improve decision-making, discover hidden insights, validate business hypothesis and create data products. He is the founder and CEO of Delfos Research.  He complements his professional career with a passion for higher education being professor at IE Business School and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) among other institutions.

He is author of many articles, academic notes and books related to his professional expertise. His know-how is the result of developing consultancy and research projects for multiples industries. His interests focus on the adoption, implementation and use of data strategies and their impact on organizations, processes, and people.

Josep holds a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics, a MSc (Hons) in Business Intelligence, and a MSc (Hons) in IT Management, as well as a top tier MBA. Josep aims to deeply understand how organizations are developing successful big data strategies by conducting research in the field of Technology & Management as part of a PhD.

Josep’s motto in life is: “All data models are wrong by definition, some are useful. Let’s use them wisely.”

Sunčica Getter | Faculty member, individual and systemic coach, facilitator, trainer and lecturer | MA, PCC, ORSC, CPCC

Sunčica is an ICF accredited individual and systemic coach, facilitator, trainer and lecturer with over 20 years of experience in learning and development, of which 10 specifically in coaching.

Her practice has a strong focus on leadership development and culture change. Sunčica’s passion is equipping her clients to have a strong and intentional impact in their area of influence, based on their talents and strengths, as she believes this is what leadership today is all about.

Sunčica has worked regularly with corporations, partnerships and other organizations, such as European Commission, United Nations, American University in Paris, Clore Leadership Program, and others, on team and leadership development through assessment based design and delivery of short and long-term programs.

She also has extensive experience as a coaching skills trainer and lecturer at the Faculty of Media and Communication in Belgrade, and in various European organisations in the area of professional development.

Sunčica is a faculty member of CRR Global, and has been delivering their cutting edge systemic coaching program to CRR Global clients across key European centres (UK, France, The Netherlands, Germany and Turkey). She is also a consultant at Performance Consultants International,, delivering executive coaching, mentoring, open and in house coaching programs for companies such as Volvo, Capital One and Lloyds.

By origin and temperament, Sunčica is from Kragujevac, Serbia. She is a  Londoner by home and spirit, where she is raising two daughters with her American husband. By heart, she believes in differences but not in boundaries, and she can see her self in no other way but as a citizen of the world.

Suncica holds MA and BA from the University of Belgrade and she has studied coaching with CTI and CRR Global, and the Tavistock .

Her guiding belief: Knowledge, self-awareness and open heart are the doorway to passion, power and creativity.

Her inspiration: “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor Frankl

Roque Adrada | Executive Director | J.D, MM, CMTS, PhD (ABD) in talent management

Roque is the Executive Director of Career Services for Deusto Business School. Before managing the Career Services, Roque Adrada, worked as Director of Business Development at Deusto Business School, as Associate Director in the Careers Services Department at IE Business School (one of the leading Higher Education and Executive Development Institutions in the world), in the Embassy of Spain in Stockholm and as a consultant for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research in Switzerland and Peru.

In addition to his role at DBS, Roque is pursuing the PhD International Mention in Talent Management with a thesis proposal: “Attracting and Retaining High Potential Leaders: Building a Competitive Advantage Strategy”.

Roque has completed his education in five different countries, Spain, Portugal, UK, France and US with executive courses about leadership at Harvard Business School and London School of Economics and Political Science.

Runner-up of the National League of University Debate, Roque has held three scholarships and has combined his responsibilities with social projects.

Specialties: Business Competitiveness, Business Development, International Business, Higher Education Administration, Talent Acquisition, Retention, Talent Management, Career Services, Career Counseling


Luis Mateos Keim | Entrepreneur, strategist, start up mentor | MBA, BA

Passionate for innovation and entrepreneurship, Luis has spent the last 15 years founding companies, mentoring start-ups, teaching and strategizing. He is a meta-entrepreneur who loves to create, innovate, and disrupt things that just don’t match today’s people and society’s needs.

Luis has been creating businesses and organizations in a wide range of fields, including a telco in the Spanish mobile market, which is positioned in marketing and sales. In addition, he is the creator of ecosystems around start-ups and social enterprises, and an innovator in Academia. His current project, Osmotic, is focused on disrupting business schools.

Luis loves people and finds it more rewarding than anything else to enable others to succeed through networking, shaking the status quo, questioning and giving feedback. He is a facilitator and a mentor with an MBA from the IE Business School and a BA in Management.

His motto in life is: Never underestimate the underlying Darwinism of status quo.